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Toyah Wilcox Toyah Willcox
Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus
Within Temptation Within Temptation

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Chart Tracker Elite

This project is currently undergoing a complete upgrade

Days until 2525 Release:


Chart Tracker Elite has quite a history, It was started around 2002-2003 but I was still new to Access and felt I made a number of mistakes with it, the two that spring to mind are it was over complicated and the U.I. was not designed correctly to handle the large amount of data.

I have a datafile with over 5million chart details in Chart Tracker Elite 2020 which is also half the size and runs a lot smother.

A upgrade tool will be provided to add your data from 2020 to 2525.

I would also be willing to convert and import your chart/Music data Please contact DD Admin.

CHE 2020 Version Features

  1. Track an unlimited number of charts from around the world.
  2. Easily add chart Details.
  3. quickly view detailed stats for any chart item.
  4. Print reports for any chart with standard, Standard with run and advanced With full detailed run.
  5. the main chart run reports can be printed with selected colours.
  6. View Dropouts, Rissing, Falling details for any chart week.
  7. Find missing positions for any chart week.
  8. Track Chart Events including when a chart number changes.
  9. Chart Todo's to help you manage older charts that may need works.
  10. Create your own weekly, monthly or yearly charts.
  11. Print charts, Items, entities by selection.

CTE 2525 Version Additional Features

  1. Information on what tracks may have been used in the recording.
  2. Who has done cover versions of what and when.
  3. Linking Chart Singles to tracks.
  4. Play any chart in music player (Requires A Linked Single track and valid track file).
  5. Artist Aliases.
  6. Group Members.
  7. Artist music Styles
  8. The old Search system have been retired and replaced with the apollo system.
  9. Resource Links
  10. Export chart weeks to BB Code for forum posting.
  11. Export Artist(s) Charts To BB Code for forum posting.
  12. Export Recording(s) To BB Code for forum posting
  13. Import/Export to library
  14. Post exports for others to add into there CTE 2525
  15. A full version of Apollo is to be inluded with the following features.
    1. 2 music players
    2. Easily add tracks
    3. All Reports will be included from apollo.
    4. Create Playlists or collections
    5. Export Plays to BB Code for posting on fourms.
  16. Create a chart for played tracks and export to BB Code for fourm post.
  17. A copy of picture libary altered for artists pictures
  18. Export tracks from Collections or Playlist to file for easy copying to a device


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